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    I don't know if this has been discussed already, but I would like the option the set the prices after I put an item in the list. I usually don't know how much the item will cost when I make the list, but I do like to keep track of how much money I am going to spend at the store.
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    A shopping program should:
    1) Remember a list of items for me to pick from
    2) remember multiple stores
    2) Be able to remember price and locations (aisles) within stores
    See SplashShopper for a near perfect implementation of a shopping program.
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    Well, that little visual bug I mentioned has mysteriously disappeared! Maybe I should take some of those drugs off my shopping list. . . . .
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    Oh, I figured it out! The bug happens when there's a notification.
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    I just used the app last night to do some grocery shopping. Worked great. As others have mentioned, it would be nice to be able to hide/minimize the cost section at the bottom of the screen. I'd rather see more of the list. The scrolling arrows don't seem to look right to me. Somehow the whole list area seems to be covered by a gray overlay. I'm not sure the arrows are completely necessary. There are a number of other apps that have scrolling lists that don't use them...not sure what the best choice is here. I've attached a screenshot to show you what I was seeing.

    Otherwise great app! Keep up the good work. Looking forward to updated versions.
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    Thanks everyone for all your feedback! Below, you will find answers and replies to all of your questions or feedback. Let me know if you have anymore questions/feedback.

    @wiz1999, @dasbigl: Thanks for pointing this out. I did notice when I had a notification that the area got distorted. I will look into this issue for sure.

    @msantarc: Thanks for mentioning these important features. I will definitely put these on the to-do list.

    @Gefv09: Yeah, this is on the to-do list. In the next update you should be able to update item's names and prices. Thanks for asking though!

    @gizmo21: Thanks for listing these important import/export options. I have plans on adding the option to import/export in a future version. I will definitely add this more detailed description of importing/exporting to the to-do list. What do you mean by a collapsible sublist?

    @GregandTink: Thanks! Editing an item is a pretty demanded feature that will definitely make it into the next version.

    @niospecv: Shopping List is similar to RTM but will hold it's own unique qualities.

    @Bigtuna00: Synchronization will definitely be added to the to-do list. Thanks for mentioning this!

    @ibthaone78: Interesting. So, when you check off an item it should add to the total but when you uncheck an item it should take that price off the total?

    @micahsanders: Thank you! You would download the most current version and install it.
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    I've read through many of the posts pertaining to this one app, and there are a LOT of good ideas...

    Looking forward the updated version of this...

    Where do I donate???
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    Quote Originally Posted by micahsanders View Post
    I've read through many of the posts pertaining to this one app, and there are a LOT of good ideas...

    Looking forward the updated version of this...

    Where do I donate???
    I put a donation button on the first page of this thread if you would like to make a donation. Thank you!
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    Thanks for the handy app!

    I see the improvements I'm needing are already on your list. I'm particularly looking forward to templates and item editing.

    When I was looking for a shopping list app I hadn't thought as far as tracking prices but I like it. It will only really be useful, though, when I can edit the items after I get to the store.

    I like the aisle idea someone mentioned, too. It would be neat to be able to save the aisle/prices info by store.

    And make the price/aisle stuff optional so it wouldn't clutter up other-than-shopping lists.

    I was just looking for a handy way to make sure my grocery list actually made it into the store with me (it usually gets left on the seat in the car) but after reading all these ideas I can see that the organizing & budgeting features of this app could really help save time and money!
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    Thanks a bunch for making this. I really missed this kind of app. With an update, I would like to see list items alphabetized. I'd also like to be able to edit them if I've misspelled something...then again, if they're alphabetized I could just delete it and enter it again.
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    What about when you get into the category of your list, in the pull down menu you have an option to set your tax afterwards you get back to your shopping list and instead of having the tax, you don't display it because it will be saved for that category. With that there instead of having the total be displayed at the bottom, you display it in the grey bar, replacing the number of items being bought. Otherwise great app so far and can't wait to see updates!
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    Quote Originally Posted by dlord369 View Post
    Great app. Easy to use and a nice interface. I agree that it would be nice to minimize the bottom section with the cost totals. I would also like the option to just not use the prices at all.

    Something else that would be great would be to reset a list. Like when I go grocery shopping there are about 5-10 items I get every week. And it would be nice to just use the same list as last week and reset it so all the check marks would be unchecked, or to create a new list with copying items from an older list maybe.

    Keep up the great work!
    Agreed, you've done a wonderful job with this application. I've been using it and I'm really enjoying it. Another great feature I would love to see is the ability to take a picture for an item. That way if it's something you haven't bought for awhile, you can tap on the item to pull up the picture to jog your memory.
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    GREAT would be nice to add the ability to send via SMS or email to other Pre users..
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    This is a great app! Nice job! I just have one suggestion:

    If I close the card after I've entered the sales tax, I have to keep re-entering it after I reopen the card? Can the shopping list be set to keep the sales tax percentage, even after I close the card? Thanks again!!!
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    Great app. Always wanted a bona fide shopping list on my Treos and never found one to fit the bill like this one does on the Pre.
    I think all the previous suggestions are excellent.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MojoApps View Post
    @gizmo21: What do you mean by a collapsible sublist?
    It should be able to have Sublists like

    _____________+-----Cream Soda
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    I had been debating on whether or not to get this app, i was unsure if i would use it frequently enough. Then today i had to go to the store with a huge shopping list written down only in my head and wouldn't you know it, i forgot stuff. I now have this app.
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    We used this app for a major shop the other day and over all it worked good. The updates you are planning will really help. Wife really liked the idea of catagories and isle numbers.

    Keep up the work on this one, it is really handy as we always seem to forget the list on the fridge door!

    Will have to donate for this apps as it is truly one that can be used a lot in living your life!
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    its great after the fix. it needs some of the features you have listed. cant wait till your next update. great job!
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    Thanks again everyone for the compliments. I'm glad you're enjoying the app. You're going to love the app even more once the new version comes out this Friday with even more features!
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