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    wow wow it very well
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    Shopping List v1.5.6 is now available in the App Catalog.


    New features:
    • Added option in preferences to turn auto-complete aisles on/off.
    • Added option in preferences to automatically consolidate store and template items.
    • When filtering items in a list, you can now quickly add store items matching the filtered text. + Changed design of sorting divider for list items to better visualize stores and aisles.

    Bug fixes:
    • Fixed bug where you couldn't type a custom aisle name when auto-complete aisles was enabled.
    • Fixed bug with backup.
    • Fixed bug with European currencies not displaying correctly.

    Update app to see full changelog!

    Download link: Shopping List v1.5.6
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bryan Roth View Post
    Hey, DataVamp,

    The web app is still a little bare bones in terms of functionality compared to the webOS app. I'm still working out a few kinks in regards to syncing but I hope to focus on this more after I get v1.5.0 beta submitted.
    Any word on the web app?
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    Quote Originally Posted by ludvball View Post
    Any word on the web app?
    Wow, it's been a while since anyone has commented on here.

    Nothing really has been done with the web app since the beta stopped. I have plans to continue development for the web app but I can't really say when it will be back up.
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