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    I could see myself using this. I currently just use the memos for this.
    It would be nice if I could import the list like from say a CSV file.
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    Great app. Easy to use and a nice interface. I agree that it would be nice to minimize the bottom section with the cost totals. I would also like the option to just not use the prices at all.

    Something else that would be great would be to reset a list. Like when I go grocery shopping there are about 5-10 items I get every week. And it would be nice to just use the same list as last week and reset it so all the check marks would be unchecked, or to create a new list with copying items from an older list maybe.

    Keep up the great work!
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    Such a cool app. I had been using memo and ask manager to try and make a shopping list. Thank you for putting this together.
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    Hey everyone,

    Thanks for all the great feedback and suggestions! I will make sure to put the suggestions on the To Do list. I am on the road right now so updates might come later this week.

    Thanks again for all your feedback and compliments.
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    I currently use EverNote for my shopping lists, which I find to be pretty good. Is there a way currently (or perhaps in the future) to import lists from either a text file or an export of various online note / memo apps (ie google notebook, evernote, etc)? I just know that if I have the choice between typing 50 items on a computer keyboard vs the Pre keyboard... the computer's keyboard wins every time.

    edit: I just noticed you can select common items from a list as opposed to typing them in... which is definitely a time saver. Still not sure if I would rather do that or type them all out on my comp and then have a way to import it into this app. One thing I definitely like about this compared to using evernote or google notebooks or something is that you can check them off once you've picked them up. Evernote has the ability to do checkboxes but they dont work in the Pre app.
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    How about the ability to save items in a database, especially if we're putting prices so we can see how much an item was and is currently. I think the mpg app does something like that
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    Definitely need aisle for each item. Toggle for show all vs show needed. Nice to have sort by aisle. Don't need tax.
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    ...Nothing major, enjoying the app very much. However, I noticed that when you have a list with more than 4 items and the list is scrolled all the way to the top, the fadeout gradient of the bottom item is off a bit.

    Probably noticed it, but just pointing it out!

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    so on the todo list it says you'll be adding ability to add recipe's ingredients list. So I could create a recipe and its ingrediends, and click to add recipe later and all ingrrdiends would be on my list? Sweet! Heres something to remember though, ingredients should add up. So if I make say breaded chicken and it calls for 1 3lb pacjage, and make chicken alfredo and it calls for same chicken, make sure list of 3lb chicken changes to 2 3lb chicken packages
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    I like this app. Has very good potential as a to do list app.
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    Great app, I was just going to request this app
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    I like the app so far, it's much faster than using Evernote, plus it has the benefit of totaling everything up for me so I can keep myself within budget.

    I have a couple of suggestions that I can think of. I live in a state where there is no tax on food and clothing. The problem is that things that are not considered food necessities or are say - paper products like paper towels - are taxed. I seem to remember the program I had for my Treo allowed me to designate things that were and were not taxable items.

    Otherwise my only other suggestion is to please, please, please make the items editable after they have been entered. I don't know all the prices by heart, not to mention the fact that often prices change because of sales or coupons. Perhaps there is a way to save the prices of common food items that you've purchased before as well, I remember that being part of the Treo app too. I always called it my Back up Brain.
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    Mileage Monitor |
    can you do something like that? Where if you've entered a price for an item than say a number of days later you change it , for the app to keep track of the changes?

    Just like the mpg app in the above link?
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    Quote Originally Posted by sketch42 View Post
    Mileage Monitor |
    can you do something like that? Where if you've entered a price for an item than say a number of days later you change it , for the app to keep track of the changes?

    Just like the mpg app in the above link?
    I'll take a look at this but I wouldn't see why I couldn't do something like this.
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    Yo, I LOVE This app, its simple but VERY useful for me. the only thing that I will suggest which looks like you are working on it (in your to do list) is to have it so you can type a list of things you need. then go back and edit the price as your shopping, that way you can have a running tally of how much everything is going to cost.

    VERY nice app though,

    my other question is if and or when that is done how would I upgrade the app or get that change? just download it again?

    Thanks again,

    once that is fixed I will for sure drop you a quick donation as this app is huge for me!
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    Quick suggestion: One thing I'd like to see is an option to either check or uncheck an item and have the total re-calculated to show the change. I was at Wal-Mart last nite and used the app to finish some grocery shopping and enjoyed it, however, when I de-selected an item it didn't change the total. But currently great app!!! I'll definately be donating once I get paid!!!
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    Synchronization with google docs would be a killer feature...some of us don't live on our phones

    I would prefer it to be a "document" but a spreadsheet would be acceptable too.
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    Is this something similar to the iPhone app rememberthemilk? Remember The Milk: Online to do list and task management
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    Cool app forsure! Looking forward to more things from your "to do" list. Would like to be able to edit the prices after you make the list at home, then go to the store and add number purchased and amount.

    You are on the right track with this one!
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    These features would be great:
    - Export to txt and/or html would be great (and perhaps xml/native format to be able reimport after reinstall)
    - Send list as: sms / mail (perhaps in reimportable format to other Pre-user) / BT (also as txt and reimportable)
    - collapsable sublist
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