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    I was thinking of an easy way to get all your grocery list in one app. My suggestion is for someone to create an application that you can add all the ingredients you need for your grocery shopping and associate those to meals you prepare. For example:

    You are going to make for this week pesto sauce, filet mignon, Grill chicken tacos for this week.

    Select Pesto sauce: the app will know you need basil leaves, Parmesan cheese, olive oil, pine nuts (This is after, of course, you tell the app those are the ingredients for that meal). It will automatically add those to your grocery list.

    Select Filet Mignon: the app will know that you need the filet, A1 sauce, garlic, olive oil. In this case the app will know that you already have olive oil on you list since you already have that as ingredient for the pesto sauce so it will mark it as X2 (Since two meals require that item). So it will add only new items to your list.

    Chicken tacos: You add tortillas, chicken, olive oil, garlic, cheese, tomatoes, etc. The app will know that you have three items that use olive oil so it will mark that item as X3 on the list just to indicate you have three meals using that item. In this case it would also mark garlic X2 since two meals require that ingredient. All the other ingredients get added to the list since no other meal require the item.

    You can create your meals on the app and add ingredients then you just add the meals you want to make that week on your list and the app will auto create the ingredients for you. Also you can create different categories as Bathroom, Yard, Baby, etc. and add the items you need for those categories into your list. Of course you need to be able to swipe them off your list so you don't get 25 rolls of toilet paper into your list.

    What you think? Maybe is out there but it was worth the shot. I wish I know how to make app.

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    Good idea. I like it.

    There are some wrinkles to iron out, of course, such as keeping track of amounts needed vs. commonly packaged amounts (for example, if I make Chili, I need 30 ounces of kidney beans, which means two 15oz. cans.), and some method of indicating what you already have in your kitchen. But in concept, it's a great idea.
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    Bookmark this in your launcher.... Don't forget to Thank Me...
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    Keep an eye out in the homebrew section today because I will be releasing Shopping List, a grocery and shopping list app.
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    I've been beta testing a web app that I really like. It was iPhone related and the only relationship I have with the guy running it is that I prodded him to open it up to Pre. Free with ads and $7/year without. I like it so far. My wife and I can both access it and work pretty well.
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    Thanks for the links, guys, but these apps don't seem to offer the feature we were discussing.
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    I''m sorry, it sounds like a great idea. I just can't get past putting A1 on a filet mignon.

    Anyway, as MojoApps stated above:
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    Quote Originally Posted by groovy View Post
    I''m sorry, it sounds like a great idea. I just can't get past putting A1 on a filet mignon.
    Could be worse. I know some people who do ketchup on filet. Don't even get me started on the time I had sushi with those guys. "What do you mean, raw?" Culture is as culture does, I guess.

    I'll check out your app. I've been using the built-in task list for shopping. Hopefully yours will provide more functionality than that.
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    Here you go. This was just released and its a start.

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