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    I find the fact that Chapura left out syncing of tasks and notes to be very troubling. Is there any product out there that will sync those files? I wonder if Palm somehow doesn't provide any method to get to that data. Paying $30 for a program that only does half of what hotsync provides seems more than a little excessive. I'm not one who things every app should be $10 or less, but if I'm going to pay $30 for an app I expect it to be complete and fully featured, not half-a$$ed and incomplete.
    At this point I can only conclude the lack of Notes and Task syncing is a Palm limitation somehow. It just doesn't make sense the more I think about it. If the methods where there, you'd think that they would be one of the easiest things to do from a development point of view. Palm must have just given the priority to Calendar, Contacts and E-mail.

    Yeah, more than $10 for a sync app is tough to justify. Maybe $15 if it sync'd everything. For $30, you really better be offering a complete set of replacement apps (with syncing) that offer more functionality than the Palm ones.
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    In response to your post, those of us that have supported the PALM products since its inception are used to PIM functionality that sync's with Outlook or Palm Desktop. I happen to use Outlook as it is the industry standard as it relates to contact management, email and calendars etc. The PALM Pre was released MISSING this standard functionality. I think everyone understands they can load all their contacts on Google’s db to get it to sync with the Pre. However, why should we HAVE to do this? No third party is necessary or expected with a PALM product. Google has nice widgets etc. However, it's beta. They're just scratching the surface of the desktop computing world.

    Now, Chapura is supplying the missing functionality for what we're expecting to be a $30 - $50 price tag. This is VERY disappointing to the core PALM community of users. The Pre with its state of the art WebOs and Cloud computing methodology attracted many new users that maybe aren't used to PALM basics.
    Vcards are commonly exchanged in corporate America. Every PALM product prior to the Pre supported vCard exchange technology via Bluetooth etc.
    This is a bad way to do business. It is being reflected in the flat stock values. Sprint should have demanded more from PALM. Sprints stock is suffering because of the Pre's disappointment.
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