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    Wonder why there hasnt been a msn messenger otion for pre, and no I dont like the webversion of messenger live..
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    So... Were you asking a question or just making a statement?

    Once Palm starts approving more 3rd party apps for the app catalog, I'm sure we'll be seeing MSN/Yahoo/etc coming in.
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    I've been wondering the same thing for the past month or so... from what I read the code to make it work is there, but Palm hasn't enable it. I hope Palm updates this soon.
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    And Yahoo! Wonder if its a contractual thing.
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    IM+ is coming and that will solve all of them in one shot. Although, yes, it would be great if it was a native part of the messenger app that comes pre-loaded and IM+ will likely be a stand alone, but who knows...maybe it's a part of the plan to get the MSN messenger update out at a later date. It's likely that poor, starving, AOL had the cheapest licensing fees and was desperate and so Palm struck a good deal in being able to use them as the showcase for the idea of IM & SMS integration. They have made a decision based on cost and time in order to get the device out there, showing this feature and then add the others later when it had $$ and time to incorporate into the device.

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    i hope later on we get an update that enables MSN use, similar to how we currently use AIM.
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    You can use MSN (and yahoo) with the built-in messenger is you have a jabber server. I put some instructions up here if you're interested. But we'll probably get an update enabling these protocols natively at some point, since the built-in messenger uses libpurple (pidgin).

    Things like IM+ (at least on Windows Mobile) are worthless IMO. I have no interest installing memory-hungry IM clients that crash all the time and don't integrate with the rest of the OS.
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    I'd been wondering about this too. I think we haven't seen msn/live msgngr or y!m support because neither service likes you to be logged into multiple places at once. If you use wifi you'd be switching back and forth between wifi and evdo...and those services really would have issues with that...

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