Looks like classic is tied to the palm updates somehow.

I was hoping that webOS 1.1 would open the door for a sync but it seems as though we will wait for another update?

I am wondering if the following response from motion-apps represents a statement that is applicable to all other apps, or just the emulator due to its partial co-development with palm.

either way I'm hoping this is comes very very soon.

Blogger MotionApps said...

@Double-A: we're tied to Palm's release schedule, but we do hope it will be out soon. Also, thanks for offering to BETA test for us, we might take you up on that one if we're able to provide BETA versions (there are some tech limitations in this area)

@Anonymous: your comment added specific "weight" to Classic. This is what we call "a use case".

@Long (Dave): just as we said to Double-A, we're not in control of release date, but hope it's out soon.

@all comments: thanks very much, we enjoy your observations, suggestions and of course, support. Keep them coming!

July 31, 2009 3:36 AM

from the motion apps blog at the bottom