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    I purchased Classic just so I could get Mobipocket Reader to work, I was missing my ebooks that much.

    Under Classic Mobipocket reads .PRC files just fine but it will not recognize the .MOBI files that some of my non-DRM books are formatted to.

    Does anyone know of any way to get them to work?

    Thanks in advance!!!!
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    I don't have any answers, but am bumping hoping to get more attention for this thread.

    I think the .mobi files use the Mobipocket Desktop program to then synch the files (either .mobi or .prc) with the Palm device. At least, that's the way it works for me. My issue isn't so much with .mobi formatted books as it's that I have around 400 eBooks and I want to get them better organized. I figured out a ridiculously OCD way of getting all my eBooks organized to fit into the limited number of "Reading Lists" that Mobipocket Reader allows, but it also requires that I be able to rename all those books to fit that system.

    If I just throw the books onto my Pre-pretending-to-be-a-USB-thumbdrive, that formatting doesn't follow the books over and I have chaos.

    Is there any way to tweak Classic's synching to accommodate the Mobipocket Desktop/Palm Reader synch?
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    Follow up:

    emike2k3, I think you will be able to install those .mobi files if you have the Mobipocket Desktop program. Go into that desktop program and delete your Palm device, then reinstall it. Synch. Then put your .mobi files onto that desktop program, right click, and click on the "send to device".

    I remembered I had to do that with my old Treo a few times in the past, too. Looks like it works with the Pre.

    Warning: It sometimes crashes Classic, sometimes after installing a few books and Mobipocket Reader doesn't seem to get along with Classic all that well (lots of warning messages and "Illegal Operation" warnings, but it seems to muddle through so far.

    And, yes, I'm able to do my OCD thing this way, too.
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    just rename the files with a .prc extention? Works on Palm OS systems... Too new to Pre to be able to comment further. And what a shame one cannot get classic....

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