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    I like my Pre, but I don't like Sprint's coverage. I make and receive calls fine at work, but at home I only get 1 or 2 bars, and calls are often dropped. I went to the Sprint store and complained. They "updated my tower list" on my Pre which they said would help. I didn't seem to do much. I still drop probably 30% of my calls when I'm at home.

    I have Verizon FIOS at home (50mb) with WiFi coverage all over the house. When I told the Sprint store about that, they wanted me to buy some gadget for $5 a month that would route my calls over WiFi at home ??!!! They want me to pay, and use my FIOS service, to fix their coverage problem?!!

    I need an app that runs on my Pre, something like Skype, that will use my WiFi network at home to make calls, since I don't have reliable Sprint coverage. Anyone know of such an application?
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    I'd recommend calling Sprint, and talking to tech support. They could send you an Airave for free and waive the monthly. Then you wouldn't have to wait until Skype comes out with a client for the Pre.

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