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    Need one more major Homebrew and we will be all set.
    How about a local backup option or brew?
    I mean via USB/ BT/ Wifi.
    Let me explain. We have all installed a lot of home brews and if the Pre goes TU, you will only get the Palm profile back up which will essentially have only the apps from the catalog.(I presume) What about all else?
    It would be nice if you devs can come up with an option to do this locally on the PC.
    I would pay for it.
    Thanks for your time.
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    NV Backup was AMAZING for the Treos. To be able to NOT have to rely on sync or multiple reinstall processes- and instead launch 1 app 1 file and resore EVERY nugget of settings, ringtones, pictures, videos, apps to the way things were when you last backed up was simply a godsend.

    Why all smartphones don't have this out of the box, I have no idea.

    Please someone make it- I'd gladly pay for it. (MAC and PC compatible please.)

    If they could partition an area on the internal harddrive so we can recover from the phone- (much like NV backup could do from the memory card) that would be even better!
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    What about a 'cloud storage' app that lets you access/update files on one of the various online backup sites?

    Browse for files on the Pre and then upload them to 'the cloud'.
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    Your talking about backing up the /var partition right? It it possible but I don't have the programming brains to accomplish this. I am sure if someone spent time on it, an app can be made.
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