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    Some say skyscape product is better than epocrates and visa versa. I am confused, would definitely need some suggestion from you experts before I get pinned down by anyone of them
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    From our perspective, both apps are great. Hopefully other members (like palmdoc) will come by and give you more specific recommendations and comparisons, 'cause people who use both apps on daily bases are the ones that can provide you with proper insight.
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    I am a regular user of Skyscape products. I think you should try that. They have some good stuffs and most of all their support is real awesome.
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    epocrates is one all inclusive program (at least if u get the Essentials) whereas if you get skycape, they have individual medical books/reference texts you can purchase separately. I use skyscape products
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    it really depends what you use each one for. Skyscape, while it has the drug database books, also has a whole-host of other things like all the emedicine articles, guidelines, antibiotics guides...everything is sorted out by popular books/websites. Epocrates on the other hand is a yearly subscription type thing, where the free component is only the drug database. For all the other stuff, you pay a yearly fee. I personally use epocrates only for the free drugs and have a variety of skyscape programs for reference on various subjects.
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    I use ePocrates daily to check if medication are covered by specific insurance plans, check drug interactions and (online version) to help patients identify pills they take. I definitely prefer one integrated application. They have a specific application/database for psychiatry, online CME and they have clinical updates/articles (you get a blurb when you update via hotsync and will get the full article/update via email).

    The version with all the bells and whistles costs an annual subscription, but various pharmaceutical companies have offered a year's subscription when you register at their websites for patient assistance programs or whatever.

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    is epocrates is being developed for webos version or I have to pay $ 30 to get classic emulator to run it?
    I really think palm should provide classic emulator free to palm users to stay in competition.

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