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    Great app. Here in the Minneapolis area tons of restaurants use OpenTable so this will come in handy a lot.
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    awesome,another restaraunt app.jeez..i'm starting to miss useful things from my winmo
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    Quote Originally Posted by jbg7474 View Post
    Who wouldn't love to go to Ruth's Chris a few times a week? Sheesh. Wish I could afford that.
    It's worth it to keep her happy and off my back

    Plus i do love steak more than any other food. We almost never drink when we go so that keeps the price affordable
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    You know, I have to say, the homebrew apps are becoming so good--many are approaching the quality of what is available in the app catalog and in some cases are actually better (eg twee vs. tweed and spaz)--if Palm doesn't hurry up with the flow of applications into the app catalog, it's going to become irrelevant. Someone, before long, will devise a way to have a homebrew app catalog right on your pre with many of the same features of Palm's app catalog. It wouldn't be that hard, and I know it's in work. But right now, via homebrew apps, I pretty much have everything that I really wanted on my Pre. The app catalog is becoming irrelevant for me, and will be for non-root-access users soon.

    What could possibly be the hold up? Is it quality? Are they making developers go back and forth multiple times to get the initial quality high enough? If so, I'd say they need to open that up a bit, and get some more applications in there--maybe even allow beta applications in the catalog. Why not?
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    I really just think the App Catalog isn't ready for that- probably they need to scale up their servers/ CDN in order to have no issues with it when there's a lot more apps.

    I will say this though... so much for these two opening the floodgates.
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    I'm a little disappointed apps aren't flowing yet. I'm a little disappointed that there aren't apps that fix some of the PIM shortcomings Palm OS users experience when moving to the Pre.

    But I'm most disappointed that Palm is so quiet about everything and we're all just guessing what the hold-up might be or when apps will really begin to flow. Even the 'tech press' and rumor sites are surprisingly quiet about why or when.
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    I guess my point is that the apps ARE going to flow one way or another. Palm will either be part of it, or they won't. But apps will indeed be flowing, and already are. The pace of homebrew apps is picking up.

    But a counter-point, the app catalog has to work properly, especially on the back end where it counts. So Palm has to take the risk and take the time to fix whatever issues exist (and at this point, I'm beginning to be pretty confident that there is SOME issue of some sort).

    Still, it won't matter at some point. The apps will flow because people want them to.
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    One of the (IMHO) great PalmOS developers has hit the App Catalog., the developer of PalmPDF, 2LaunchMe, and others, has released his first WebOS app!

    Going to check it out, straight away.

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    Still waiting for Skype.
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