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    I have the latest version of Classic running and I can't even get the normal PalmOS tasks notification to work. What I mean by notification is that it does not even trigger the pop up window to be displayed. Nothing at all happens when the alarm time is reached even when I leave Classic running as the foreground app. The first email I sent to MotionApps triggered a response concerning getting alarm sounds to work, when I clarifeid that I could not even get a notification window up, we are now trading emails. I even tried wiping the Pre but did not reinstall Classic. It automatically was restored by my Palm backup account. The emulation mode is normal & the alarm option is on. This is the native PalmOS Tasks application. Is anyone else having this problem? Could someone else see if it does not work on their Pre?
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    mostly, my alarms work. But if I don't hear the alarm, and don't turn on the screen, I won't know about it.
    Can you guys enhance Classic to use the wonderful WebOS notification system?
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