1. Each of us has the ability to inform developers about what our wishes are as users of cell phones.
2. Each of us was probably using a non-Palm Pre cell phone before June 2009.
3. When we cooperate we have more power.
4. We should share what apps were our favorite on other OS platforms (i.e. Windows Mobile 6.0/5.0 or Blackberry or Android)
BUT we should ALSO share emails for the developers of our favorite apps. And we should make known our wishes. We need to let the developers know what products of theirs we LOVE. People respond well to love.

PLEASE post here in the forum emails for your favorite apps' developers? Then other people can easily point, click, and email a vote of approval to these people who can choose to make the Palm Pre and webOS a top priority.

I'll add a couple emails to this list.

Shazam music recognition app

Tetris that was awesome and free on Win Mob