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    They have a trial version. I just tried to use it. Seems that you can only call SkypeOut numbers and not Skype clients running on a PC. It looks nice for a web app running on a mobile device but a native app would still be much better. I hate having to type in small text fields.
    The WebOS SDK does not support native apps.
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    not paying for it
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    I let this app expire.
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    I've been trying this web app over the past week, and when it works, it works quite well. I don't have any Skype contacts so I've been using it exclusively for calls.

    When you make a call it uses Skype to dial the number you wish to call and your call-back number (usually your mobile) at the same time. So, if you're quick on the answer button you'll be on the line and hear the other call ringing through. This obviously requires you have a Skype plan or Skype-out credits allowing you to make telephone calls.

    There is often a bit of feedback for the first few seconds of the call; but after it settles, the call quality is good with only a little delay.

    The problem comes in loading the app. It seems the Pre does some caching, exposing functionality before it can actually be used. If you're bookmarking or adding the page to the launcher, do so with the login page. Upon logging in, you have to wait for the contact list to show up before doing anything else.

    ...and that's where the problem lies, more than half the time it gets stuck on the main screen with a "Connecting..." message, and trying to make calls will simply not work.

    I'd be quite pleased to purchase a license provided Shape Services can make the app function more reliably. Who knows, this may be as simple as adding some "no-cache" tags to the pages.

    I'm quite eager for them to iron out the kinks; I'd rather have this app functioning properly rather than the alternative: Using Skype on my laptop over a tethered connection, ugh.

    An unlimited calling plan via Skype in conjunction with unlimited incoming minutes on a mobile plan makes $9.99 for life with this app a great value proposition, well worth the price if they can get it working like it should.
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    I just find it myself. Here's a bump for it.
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