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    Anyone out there already thinking about making this?

    See below for example:

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    I'd use it.
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    I will eventually make one of these if someone doesn't beat me. However, right now I'm targeting things that will get more widespread use. Also thinking about Reloading Log that you can enter data in at the range.
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    I'd ki, I mean love to have one of these!
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    I'd be interested in making something like that.

    Quote Originally Posted by YBCold View Post
    I'd ki, I mean love to have one of these!
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    Quote Originally Posted by rmbwebs View Post
    I'd be interested in making something like that.
    Are you serious about it? I would be the first to donate for your efforts.
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    I'm also very interested in this app. I would be willing to donate too.
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    bump. I got an open wallet still to anyone who wants to develop.
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    Bump...I got $$$ burning a hole in my pocket just waiting on this app...
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    I would pay / donate for this ap.
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    i'd donate! pleeeeease i need this app! the reloader's log would be cool too
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    Is this going anywhere? I have EXBal on my old palm and would much rather donate for something like this than pay $30 dollars for Classic.


    Id\'d be in for the re loaders log as well.
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    I can make it - but I need contact with someone who knows the data I'd need to do the calculations, and someone who regularly visits the range that would tell me what other options they would like to have for the log. PM me

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    PM inbound.
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    For anyone interested I'll be working with Mitch to get something in the works.

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