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    I know this has been discussed before, but I'm mystified by the inability to select a contact to navigate to.

    We can say that two possible scenarios are missing from the Pre:

    I should be able to navigate to a contact from the contact detail page. An additional button would do and it would seem consistent with the Pre's contact centric approach to launching stuff.

    As for the other way around, if I want to navigate to a contact address from within Sprint Nav, which makes sense, as I may find myself in a series of navigation route changes from within Sprint Nav, the Mojo services API allows one application to let the user get the contact address from the contacts app. There is no access restriction as long as the Sprint Nav asks the user to select the contact for it. There is no need to import anything into the Sprint Nav.

    Why are neither implemented? Is this another one of those Palm things "we can do it but we didn't"?
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    I am replying to this so I will remember to look into this later. I am going to try to find a way to pass info to Sprint Nav. If I can do that, it might be as easy as adding a launcher button to the drop down menu.
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    The way to make it work is to have your contacts in the Palm Profile instead of Google or Facebook or any other contacts.

    You contacts need to be in the Palm Profile and then it will work. I was given the reason from Sprint Rep but it was a while back and can't remember. But they are working on it.

    In the mean time, what I did, was delete all my contacts and start from scratch and use the Data Migration Tool and import all my contacts into the Palm Profile.

    Once there the Nav works.

    Then I just added the Google Contacts or whatever.

    Right now, I am using PocketMirror with Outlook which is working for me.

    So I have Outlook contacts and Palm Profile contacts and I merged all of them so I would only see one listing if the Pre didn't merge them correctly on it's own.

    When I add a new contact, I then switch it to the Palm Profile, do a backup and then switch back to Outlook.

    A silly way, but it's so I can maintain the same contacts in both profiles.

    And yes, Nav works great then.

    You could also save a address to a Favorite in the Nav app because really do you need to NAV to all your contacts.

    But it's your choice.

    And as I said, from my understand this is only a temporary thing.

    Hope this helps you!

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    I really wish they would get this issue straightened out. I deleted all my Palm Profile contacts and do not use them. I store all my contacts in Google. Maybe I'll call Sprint I would like to hear their reasoning for restricting it to Palm Contacts Only.
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    Another thing I just noticed is that if you add an address via the website, and synch it to your phone you cannot place it in a subfolder of favorites.
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    I agree. For the Pre even to come close to living up to the hype (able to read your mind!) SprintNav should be much better integrated with the rest of the device.
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    I also wish you could export the location field from calendar events into Sprint Nav and not just Google Maps.
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    Quote Originally Posted by alpinejag View Post
    I also wish you could export the location field from calendar events into Sprint Nav and not just Google Maps.
    I agree with that too. Being able to import at least one set of POIs (Points of Interest) would also be a great addition.

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