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    i cant find it on preware.

    i saw it yesterday and used it fine with 1.4 i only use it to get ipk and install them without having to use a computer.
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    I've downloaded this app like 3 times, and whenever it says it's loading data it just freezes.
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    Filecoaster is working again!!!
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    I've been debating installing this. Do people still use this and is it still being updated?
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    It works perfectly under webos
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    FINALLY...fileCoaster is BACK!!!
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    about time
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    I am on Verizon.
    Just checked phone, I'm running v. 1.4.0 with no option for v.

    I cant get filecoaster to get past the spining circle of death followed by "timeout error"

    Just installed Filecoaster via WebOS Quick Install last night on new phone, and used Quick Install to download FileCoaster to phone, Got the app on phone but cant get past issue that 97% of the people here have. Reinstalled FileCoaster several times and rebooted phone several times go..

    Is this a Verizon phone issue? Is there an alternative App to use on phone to download Homebrew apps???

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    There should be a version which moves the application time out from 10 seconds to 60 seconds.
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    Filecoaster just stopped working for me (worked fine for the last 6 months). Downloads both from homebrew list and URL, but install always fails and no app installed after.

    Have tried restarting phone. Only thing I can think is that I just got 1.4.5 yesterday.

    Is it working for anyone else under 1.4.5?
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    No. It's not working with 1.4.5.
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    i never got filecoaster to work. there's some apps that i want to download on there that preware doesn't have. is there something wrong with filecoaster?
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    Does FileCoaster still work for WebOS 1.4.5? I haven't been able to find help in the forum yet. My experience after downloading FileCoaster today, 12/20/2010, is that after touching "Homebrew List", some messages show up at the bottom of the screen; first "loading application list," and then "parsing application data." Sometimes between these two, I also see "446 applications found." After the "parsing application data" message, the circular download symbol stops turning and nothing else happens.

    Can anyone tell me what is going on and how I can get past this to be able to use FileCoaster to download Homebrew apps on my PrePlus with WebOS 1.4.5? Thanks!
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    I have a similar problem today when I went to try and use fileCoaster.
    Message is:

    An error occurred...
    Exception: Failed while parsing, xml
    not found

    I am running v1.1.6, I deleted it, downloaded it again and reinstalled and still have the same problem. webOS 1.4.5

    There was a similar problem awhile back which was fixed in v1.1.6. I guessing the Home Brew list may have grown too big for the buffer that is defined.
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    I get this issue too. Couldn't find this post before. Comforting to know it's not just me.
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    ... me too....
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    same here, i can't see the download button.
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    Under Download Options, this 'Please Register or Login to download this file!' is still there even though I am logged in. How can I download?
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    same problem here
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    it keeps telling me to login to get the download link even though i am already logged in. solutions?

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