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    I now use a Treo 680 and with Blackberry Connect software can access my work e-mail. I need to replace my phone over the next couple of weeks and would like to go to a Palm Pre, but if it will not manage my work e-mail it is not an option. I have had no luck getting an answer from Sprint, Blackberry or Palm. Can anyone help? Will it work?
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    No. This is not available and most likely will not be available anytime soon, if ever. It would be nice to have but don't look forward to it.
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    Does anyone know if the old BBC software I use on the Treo will work? Will the Pre run Palm OS programs?
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    I can't verify if it'll work, but there is a Palm OS Emulator you can install onto the Pre. It runs as a card and acts just like an old Palm OS phone.

    It has mixed reviews on the App Catalog... mostly people complaining that they want their Centro back or that they didn't feel it was worth the $30 (yeah, this is one of the few apps you have to pay for). BUT - the five star reviews have a trend saying "works with all my Treo apps" if that brightens your day.

    My suggestion: Find someone you know with a Pre and see if you can have them DL the App for the 7 Day Trial (Free trial period before you have to buy). Try installing your BBC, and work from there.

    EDIT: Apparently PreCentral doesn't allow me to post links since I don't have 10 posts yet. Google "precentral palm os emulator" and choose the first link. Should give you a better idea.
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    You can install the emulator, setup your email account, and see if it works. I have several email accounts on my phone one being a school district Exchange account.

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