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    I was thinking that Palm should offer more in the App Catalog than just Apps. They should figure out a way to offer backgrounds, ringtones and notification tones, music (by tying in with the Amazon MP3 app) and video. Why just limit the thing to Apps?

    Given this I was thinking this would also merit a name change so something like the WebStore or WebOSStore.

    Any thoughts?
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    I would love it if they added a section to the app store for backgrounds, ringtones and notification tones. Thats a great idea!

    For me I think i'd like to keep the music and stuff separate in the amazon app.
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    it would be a great idea except:
    1) ringtones can be changed w/ free mp3's
    2) other sounds are not adjustable
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    I don't see any reason to offer these things in the app store when they are already easy to add already and 100% free.
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    it wouldnt make much sense to sell those things when its all there when you plug it into your computer... it would be like selling ice to an Eskimo
    The Pre does WORK
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    I second for apps only...but something on the other end. I use amazon for everything now (especially non-DRM songs right to my phone). When it comes to app payment, I would like to tie it right to my amazon account just like songs. So, how does the amazone site play in to the ecosystem? Will I go there to buy apps too and push to the phone? Will there be a service to crop MP3's that you already purchased and push that to your phone? Just more to think about.
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    I don't see why they couldn't give these things away for free. Why not something like themes? It could even be a source of revenue if they allow movies or TV shows to advertise via themes, sort of like myspace themes. It would be much easier for the user to download one file and have it change the colors, fonts, background, sounds, etc. for a temporary look-and-feel.

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