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    hmm, could it be 1.1 day?
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    I'm having the same issue ... don't know what it means ...
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    mine works fine
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    Its probably everybody refreshing and querying their servers at the same time....
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    mines workin.....
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    i was able to connect
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    I saw the same thing and then mine started working again.
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    dun dun duuuuuuuuuuuuuun. false alarm. :P
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    Fro anyone who hasn't seen, there two app updates from yesterday:
    - Today Show
    - AP News
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    Yup ... turned phone off/on and app catalog and update app are both working fine (albeit no updates or new apps)
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    Nope not today. Mine did the same thing today and yesterday.
    After a quick (3 Minute) reboot...Viola!....back to "your phone is up to date"
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    Mines working normally now.
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    Moved from Palm Pre to webOS Apps and Software forum.

    This thread is about the Apps in the App Catalog.

    - Craig
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    I checked a dozen or so times yesterday and only once so far today. Am very excited about it so I am not checking as much today because of the disapointment when I get "your phone is up to date."
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    FYI - now downloading webOS 1.1.0...
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    mystery solved
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    I cannot access the app catalog today. Anybody know whats going on?
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    Quote Originally Posted by dhkmsmith View Post
    I cannot access the app catalog today. Anybody know whats going on?
    I'm guessing the same reason it's been inaccessible intermittently since it came online. Random hiccups.
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    Maybe 1.2 is here... Fingers crossed.
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    1.2 is available. I'm downloading now.
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