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    Until a few days ago I had no problem reading my messages in my Yahoo email. Now my email opens okay but all I see is who sent the message and the subject. Nothing shows up in the message area. Can anyone help me out?

    I also just figured out why sometimes when I got an email alert it showed who the email was coming from but when I went into email to read it there was nothing there. I guess when I have my email open on my laptop, if I don't open the email on the Pre before my "Windows Mail" picks it up it is gone from the Pre - is that correct. The work aroud is to be sure I have my email closed on the laptop before I leave home. Right?

    I appreciate all the help I have gotten from these forums. You guys/gals are great. I'm a senior (and not a young one) and my mind just doesn't comprehend as much, as easy, any longer. I know, someone is going to tell me to stick with the simpler PDA but I do love trying to keep my brain sharpened with technology and believe me you'll all be there one day - quicker than you might think .
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    Moved from Palm Pre forum to webOS Apps and Software forum.

    - Craig

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