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    Hello all,

    I've run into an issue with Outlook Exchange today and would like to see if anyone else has run into the same problem. For seemingly no particular reason, my Exchange account stopped synching on my Pre. I've checked with co-workers and others with other Palm phones are not experiencing the same issue. When I delete the Exchange and add it back to the Pre, things start synching fine for a short period of time and then stop again.

    Does anyone have any recommendations on a fix for this?

    Thanks very much!
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    I had the same problem with my previous phone. Talk to your it guy. It could be a certificate problem or security issue with ssl.

    Btw - I couldn't get owa to work on my pre. Hopefully the update will fix the issue. A temp solution is accessing ur email through the browser.
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    I had the same issue awhile back, right after I updated to 10.3. It would not sync on its own and I had to open the account to get the mail to load. Not sure if it was the update or not. I ended up deleting the account, turning off the Pre, then after the restart it started to work, and has been working for the last few weeks flawless again.
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    - Craig
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    I've been using Exchange synching on my pre for a few weeks and haven't had any issues. Like previously mentioned... it could be an SSL cert problem.
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    OK, I think I figured out what was happening in my case. I can't explain the "why," but I think I have the "what" of my issue. A SharePoint alert was set up to send me an alert everyday at 5pm. That's when my EAS would stop working. My EAS issues cleared up when I canceled the alert. Weird. I can't explain it, but I haven't had any problems since.
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    I've been having this same problem and it has been driving me nuts. I can confirm now that it is the SharePoint alert that stops it from getting new email.

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