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    If I download homebrews to my Pre, is there a chance I could get software/hardware malfunctions? Will a future update erase any homebrews I've downloaded? Is it easy to delete a homebrew? How can I be sure a homebrew is safe and won't corrupt my phone? I'm dying to add more apps but i'm scared since these homebrewed apps aren't coming from Palm or any legitimate 3rd party developer. Can someone please expain the process so I can better understand it? Don't be afraid to dumb it down either. Thanks
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    read the thread for the particular homebrew. the point of these threads is to beta test the apps. if there were issues they will be reported in the thread.

    i have a bout 10, if any were causing issue they wouldnt be on the pre.

    i havent run a cross one that you couldnt uninstall.
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