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    Does anyone know anyone developing one of the 30 apps in the App Catalog, or anyone accepting to the Early Access Program - early?

    The reason I ask is I am trying to establish if it takes Palm a while to check/test an update/addition to the App Catalog. I thought I had read on a thread a while back where there had been an update to one of the programs that was submitted and it took Palm over a week to approve the update. This was to a program already in the App catalog.

    I am having a hard time believing there have only been 30 Apps fully developed to the point of release. If Palm truly gave the SDK to "hundreds" of developers prior to going public with it, these people would be on the inside track of getting their app approved and released in the App Catalog. From what I understand, Palm won't start accepting applications from developers NOT included in the early access until this fall.

    If Palm doesn't have a hoard of applications from early access developers awaiting publishing approval, then they need to realize they made a mistake on the original "hundreds" they chose. They need to call them "duds" and get started on accepting applications from the REAL developers. The people that waited forever on the SDK and didn't have a solid app to start with, are the ones that will do all the hard programming.

    Maybe Palm is waiting on the "gaming engineer" position to be filled so they can have a better hold on the direction the gaming/graphics side will take. If this is the case, they should concentrate their efforts on the applications that do not require high graphic/processor usage.

    This could be the start of a problem for Palm. Having only 30 applications (some of which are of no use to most of us) in their App Catalog after almost 2 months is RIDICULOUS. It's sad the "homebrew" world has more apps than Palm does. It all goes back to my statement about "get the SDK into the hands of people that actually want to develop, not the ones that have a great product on other platforms that 'don't care as much because you are FORCING it on them'". I know that's a run-on statement, but read it a couple times and you will get it. It's like the "TRUE FANS" of a ball team sit in the nose bleed section. All the richy rich/corporately sponsored people get the clubhouses and field level seating. Why do these people get all the love? Why not send your cheerleaders half way up the stands to fire off the t-shirts into the upper decks? Show some love to the people that actually pay to see a game!

    That make sense? I am done with all that now. I just want to see more than 30 Apps! It's absurd to think there are not more ready to get added. Get with the program Palm.

    Thus ends my soap box speech.
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    Amen!!!! Preach on Preacher!!!!
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    It's also possible a lot of them are waiting for the ability to charge for their apps. I assume many of them do not have the ultimate goal of giving away all their work.
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    no kidding, when I heard of the publicv release of the SDK I started to get excited about getting some new apps on my pre - but i have yet to see any product. i too am assuming that there are plenty of people who dont want to just give away their work though.

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