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    I never said they weren't important. Your analogy is also off.
    Many other phones sell just fine without so called apps. People saying that a company will fail without the use of these apps is ignorant in itself.
    A computer, for example, fresh from the factory will work perfectly fine. Everything else is extra. Do I want apps? Yes. Without apps, is the Pre still a good phone? Yes.
    Does my grandmother care about having a tetris app, or a myspace or facebook app? Would yours? Do you see my point, or am I just feeding you?

    What was I wrong about?

    I hate the line of thinking that suggests that apps or the lack thereof can make or break Palm, or any smartphone manufacturer.
    This? I don't see too many apps around for WinMo phones. If a phone has great functionality, why the NEED for apps? Need, meaning life or death is riding on APPS and APPS alone.

    Not everyone buys a phone simply for apps.
    This? I didn't buy the Pre for it's apps. It's lolapp catalog is skimpy as hell. I would have bought an iPhone for apps.

    Besides, the Pre by itself is a great piece of hardware with excellent UI and software, sans apps.
    So without apps, the pre is a piece of garbage with horrible UI?

    Please note not once did I state that apps were not important. But a phone company's fate riding on apps? That's a little farfetched.
    Windows Mobile has thousands of applications, and this is without their own store (coming soon).

    The bottom line is that consumers expect more options and will generally buy the products which give them those options.

    Palm is on the right track it is just taking them a while. I wish it was quicker but it's not. It's one thing to defend the timeline, but to argue whether apps are valuable or not is a whole other story.
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    Agreed to the above post, the amount of things available to Windows Mobile is amazing, problem is with processors that some prgrams can and can not run. Mobile Software and Games for your PDA or Smartphone : Handango for Windows Mobile is just one of the few places that has thousands of apps for windows mobile, which is higher than what the iphone has. add in for more.
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