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    Does the pre have a software to subscribe to podcasts right on the device or do we have to use iTunes or some other software on the desktop?
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    why download when you can stream?

    I listen to podcasts 24/7 I use google reader and stream. I havent loaded a single podcast on my Pre, and have yet to have an issue
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    why download when you can stream?
    I spend a lot of time flying, so streaming is not usually an option.

    Even now that a lot of planes are equipped with WIFI, it doesn't make much sense to pay $9.99 for content I could have downloaded for free and preloaded on my device.
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    I just tried to listen to a "This American Life" podcast through Google Reader (thanks for the tip!), but I'm not getting the embedded audio controls on my Pre (though I do on the Macbook).

    Is there special something I need to do?
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    You can download them any way you wish to your computer and drag and drop if you want, or use Itunes 8.1 or ealier.

    Streaming only works if you want your battery eaten by the power hog that is EVDO.

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