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    Given that the Pre already has two Twitter clients available via the App Catalog, one might ask whether a third one is needed. has decided that one is, and has just launched the public beta of Twee, its new entry in the Pre Twitter race.

    I've been playing with the Twee beta for about a week now, and it differs in some significant ways from the other clients available. Depending on your own personal work style, it may serve needs that the other two don't.

    Twee's biggest novelty is its interface, with a black background that bears a resemblance to that of TweetDeck, a popular desktop Twitter client. Given the narrow screen of the Pre, Twee avoids the multiple column approach of TweetDeck in favor of a single column with icons across the bottom to select the different views (Timeline, Mentions, Messages, Favorites, etc.). A tap on a choice slides the darkened indicator over it, an attractive element.

    Twee connects with the Pre's location services (the Nearby option) to enable a user to find users within a specified geographical radius, which can be chosen within the Preferences.

    Where Tweed allows you to tap on a link shown within a tweet in small type and brings up a window highlighting URLs and user mentioned within the tweet on a tap, Twee zooms in on a tweet when it is tapped, allowing for easier reading, tapping of hyperlinks, and replying/selecting as favorite/retweeting.

    Neither choice is necessarily a better one; each will appeal to some users.

    Similarly, while Tweed supports multiple cards for separate Twitter accounts, Twee does not (yet) do so; a user may switch among accounts via a dropdown menu item, but only one is live at a time.

    Twee is a work in progress (hence its beta qualifier), and features are being added rapidly. In the past few beta releases, DeliciousMorsel has added photo tweeting (via TweetPhoto) and, most recently, URL shortening via Minify:

    The developer has also responded to a number of earlier issues with fixes, and seems on track for a full release in short order.

    For now, Twee, while very professional looking, is essentially homebrew, requiring users to install it as an ipk rather than through the App Catalog. If, though, you are a Twitter user and particularly if you use TweetDeck, the Twee beta may be worth checking out. {ProfJonathan}
    Prof. Jonathan I. Ezor
    Writer, PreCentral
    Past Palm Real Reviewer
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    Thanks for the review, I just signed up the beta test. I'm glad to hear more apps are on the way. I hope other Developers are open about testing as well.

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    As soon as I heard about this app I downloaded it to my pre and after launching it a second time I had to wait longer than tweed took, and I read that it's supposed to be a paid app.
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    Just installed. Must say that if I was a Twitter addict, this would be a must have. Much better than Tweed.
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    this app is incredible. stylish, functional and loads quick. just deleted Tweed for this. I'll gladly pay for this when it gets into the catalog.

    i wouldn't call myself a twitter addict, but i can see this app turning me into one.
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    Hey love the app...anyway to enable landscape mode???
    Just a idea.
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    How do I install? Nevermind.

    Is there a way to follow someone using this app? Im having to go to to add someone. Nevermind again. LOL
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    Mine was working fine up until about 9:30 CST last night. Then I started getting this error. I was loving it up until then.

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    Where is it? I've run searches fir it in the app luck
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    Quote Originally Posted by martial_way View Post
    Where is it? I've run searches fir it in the app luck
    See link to beta in original post, or just go to:
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    Quote Originally Posted by cdbillups View Post
    Mine was working fine up until about 9:30 CST last night. Then I started getting this error. I was loving it up until then.

    I saw the same, but think it was actually a Twitter problem rather than Twee. You may want to try again.
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    Tried it again this morning. I've tried it on EV vs wireless. I've tried it on work wifi vs home wifi. In all instances, I get this message. But, I can browse the web and Spaz / Tweed works fine. Reinstall?
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    Would be great if they would add a option to specify your location not just put in the GPS Cords.... But other than that i like the app and how it puts the photos thumbnail in the tweet...
    Well probably edit the code to see how well landscape works.
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    You should make any suggestions directly to Delicious Morsel. I've found them very responsive. Thank you! {ProfJonathan}
    Prof. Jonathan I. Ezor
    Writer, PreCentral
    Past Palm Real Reviewer
    @webOSquire on Twitter
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    No problems here, but I've seen there are times when images take a bit of time to load. By the way, how many people are you following Aprox? If it is quite a lot, maybe that could be a problem.
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    Twee looks a little unpolished to me. Tweed is not perfect by any means but I'll stick with it for now until something better comes out.
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    is it working for everyone since the update?
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    Quote Originally Posted by cballin22 View Post
    is it working for everyone since the update?
    It worked great for me before the 1.1 WebOS update. Now nothing happens after you click on the icon. Darn I just deleted Tweed today. I'm sure it will get fixed.
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    When I click on the icon, it lights up like it's going to launch, and then the light goes away and the app never launches.
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    .90 and .91 don't work since the update. .85 works though.
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