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    I downloaded the MojoSDK today; not to install files but to learn how to make MojoOS apps.

    Turns out the first tutorial they give you is a POS ( The first scene won't load, so I am stuck.


    I can already go through the example code given in the SDK and see what is happening; however I can't fully understand how to load the first scene, or why the tutorial scene won't start up, so I am screwed right now.

    Can someone help me?
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    what does the tutorial load in? Quicktime? Adobe Reader?
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    The tutorial is just a text page. It can be typed in, but is included in Eclipse as a new program; by default you should be able to package the program and run it.

    When the program is run though (at least in the emulator) it shows what is in <body></body> and fails to load the first scene.

    I can find pages online acknowledging this, but not providing a fix for it.

    On top of that, it doesn't explain how the first assistant is found, and how a scene is loaded after the program accesses index.html. Should there be some specific name so that the pre knows what to do? This is never explained.

    It reads like a tutorial without actually providing much of a base at all for people trying to learn how to program

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