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    and i dont even use one of their apps.
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    thank you for making me feel guilty
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    and your point is ????
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    Quote Originally Posted by Felipe View Post
    and i dont even use one of their apps.
    Congratulations for wasting your money on a cause you dont even support by using their apps?
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    you want everyone to come in here and pat you on the back? lol... come on dude.

    i'm going to make a thread when I pay my next sprint bill so you guys know I pay my bills on time and most of the time early.
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    OK? I think that palm and sprint should give the people who make the first 1000 apps $100 dollars per app just becausethe faster developers come out with these apps the faster the pre will sell and then that'll get those developers to enjoy working and devolping for the palm pre and in turn will get more apps out faster
    what do you think?
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    I donated for breast cancer and dont even have any breasts.......i mean attached to me.......
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    The OP is selfish. It's all about the cause. Even if you aren't supporting it directly, donations help move development along just as easily as testing the program out him/her self.
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    Wish I had $30 to throw at random people.
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    I am developer number 4

    Please donate $10

    Thanks =]
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