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    Didn't see this, yet.
    Just got an email from Epocrates detailing official Classic install instruction.
    Haven't done it, yet.
    A little nervous about removing my currently working version of Epocrates in classic, but, probably worth a try

    Anybody installed it, yet?

    The link is here:
    Epocrates Search Portal

    The email is here:

    Epocrates Rx®, Epocrates Rx Pro®, and Epocrates® Essentials are now available for Palm Pre when used with the MotionApps Classic Palm OS emulator.*

    Install your Epocrates product by following these instructions.

    Want to learn more about the products we offer? For details and side-by-side comparisons, just visit our site.

    *Please note that Epocrates® Essentials Deluxe is not compatible with Palm Pre.

    You are receiving this mailing because you requested to be notified when Epocrates would be available on Palm Pre.Update your current email address (sign in with your username and password and modify your profile). Unsubscribe. Epocrates will not sell or share your personal information without your permission or as required by law. Read our full privacy policy.

    Epocrates, Inc., 1100 Park Place, Suite 300, San Mateo, CA 94403 | PDA Medical Software. Medical & drug software for iPhone, iPod touch, BlackBerry, Palm & Windows PDAs
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    I got this email too. The web site it links to has another meaty tidbit:

    "Development of a native application compatible with Palm's new webOS is under investigation. We will update this FAQ with any new developments."

    I'm anxious to see the native app because I am still hesitant to pay $30 for a program that allows me to open and use a free program.

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