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    All I hear about is how easy it is for anyone to make an app. Well, here is my background:

    -I can build a computer from the bottom up.
    -I understand the concept of programming via Pascal (Once again, basic concept)
    -I can usually clean out a machine of viruses by breaking down the issues created and cleaning them, without doing a restore
    -I am a big, "learn by doing" kind of person
    -Would rate myself a 7.5 out of 10 for overall computer knowledge (a 10 being a programmer/coder/hacker)

    With that, do I stand a chance?

    Also, can I make an app and just put it on my phone? Or, do I have to try to get it approved?
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    I haven't tried making a pre app yet as i'm out of town away from a computer for the next couple of days, but I am a full time web developer. I think you should give it a shot, I wouldn't worry about it being easy or not, just try it.
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    well with that knowledge u should b able 2 do fine.jus check out the homebrew section and there is a full xplanation of how 2 do it
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    Let me tell you how you should look at programming itself. A language is a tool. The tool is to be used to solve problems. For example, you may have a problem (or an idea) and you want to fix it. How do we fix it? Let's look at what we need. We are confined (not in a negative sense) to WebOS. What does WebOS require? HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. These are your tools. Start learning how those tools work and how they benefit you. It is just like learning how to build a house. But the nice thing is that... we all can learn how to do it. Don't tell yourself that it's "hard". There is a learning curve but since it is based on web development and along with great documentation (and vast help available on this forum and Google), you should do just fine. You will hit some walls but you should figure out how to get around them.

    Did I just ramble on a bit? I think I just did.

    Edit: Since you said you're a hands on kind of person, just download the SDK and play around with sample codes. You will do just fine.
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    As long as you are persistent and give yourself 6 months of 1-2 hours each day... at the end of it, you'll be quiet good making software.

    I found the going quiet messy. I've still not "got" the zen of webOS. But then, I'm old and probably stupid too, and also not a professional programmer. The learning curve (according to me) is quiet steep, especially for someone from a more traditional programming background.
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    Traditional programming? Which is what?
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    Quote Originally Posted by yiffzer View Post
    Traditional programming? Which is what?
    eh, when people say 'traditional' programming these days, they're typically talking about more c like, oo languages. javascript, being a weirdo hybrid lambda/functional language with c syntax is a weird nut for a lot of folks more used to programming in more widely used languages. but folks who went to schools like berkeley or mit where scheme and lisp are taught more widely than other places like javascript a lot more. ;D

    but for the op, your experience is largely irrelevant. but don't let that stop you- it ain't that hard.

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