I've been using WindowsMobile for a number of years and PalmOS before that. I'm a serious business user of my mobile device as well as social user. While I'm confident new apps and new updates are coming soon, I am trying to find some work arounds for a few items. For example, I've tried accessing my SkyDrive documents folders via the Pre browser. I have successfully accessed it and it renders really well and the documents show. I was even pleasantly suprised that when I clicked on the link to "send link" in skydrive and it prompted me for an email address that it was auto-filling the "to" box with my WindowsLive contacts as I was typing...I was quite impressed that the browser could do this. My issue came when I tried to download a test document from the site. The pre responded saying cannot open a document of this type. I tried with both *.docx and *.doc documents and neither worked. I'm not sure if it's only because of the viewer of DTG or because of downloading from a web browser instead of via email. Trying to find a way around this...really need to be able to access the cloud and unfortunately, LiveMesh can't be installed on the Pre...at least not yet.