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    Any reason as to why my pre is telling me in google maps that inLong Beach when my location is in Hollywood. Tried resetting but that didn't fix anything.
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    Now when I use my navigation it also cannot find a route... Yes my gps is turned on.
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    are you on a airave by any chance? I noticed if I am at home and try to get a gps the airave connection puts me in the time a few miles over. Probably something to do with the VOIP.
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    No but I do have a wifi signal. Every app I use its putting me in long beach which is a good 20 plus miles away
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    Ok so even with wifi off its still putting me in long beach (20 plus miles away from me) degective GPS maybe?
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    You sound like a Long Beach kind of dude! I'd be happy to be in Long Beach right now. :-)

    Do you know how to fully turn the phone off and back on? (You press and hold the power button, and choose the top selection to fully turn off the phone. This shuts down the underlying Linux operating system. Once the palm logo dissapears from the screen and it goes dark, the phone is now totally shutdown. To boot it back up, press and hold the power button again until the palm logo reappears on the screen. Within a minute or two, your phone will be rebooted. Check to make sure you are not in airplane mode.)

    After rebooting the phone, try to get a fix again and see if it's the same or different?
    (Let us know whether or not this fixes things.)

    thx -- Bob
    I'm both super! ... and a doer!
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    Thats crazy, google puts me in the hallway in satellite view at my apartments...just about 20 feet from where I am sitting
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    Thrill Google maps has me in Long Beach too, near West Anaheim St between Long Beach Blvd and the 710. Wanna have a beer?

    I just tried Sprint Nav outside, and it had me in Baker, CA, where I passed through a few days ago. I had just done a restart and I do have an Airave and am using wifi.

    I live in Venice and am here at the moment, I think...
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    just piping in as a +1 here. A few days ago the "location dot" on google maps stays grayed out and if I touch it reads "your current location is unavailable". This happens on wifi and evdo. It used to work... have tried it with gps on and off and also location services on and off. Hope someone here has a useful suggestion on how to fix since gps is one of the great features of this mysterious and delightful device.
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    Galavanter mine is putting me right there as well! And I'm located on sunset and fairfax right now which is north west about 25 miles. What's this all about? My fandango is also looking up theaters in long beach instead of hollywood. I restarted the phone plenty of times trying to fix this.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Thrill_Me007 View Post
    What's this all about?

    I have no idea. A few nights ago, when heading toward Henderson, NV, I chose not to follow the route it was giving me, and while rerouting, Sprint Nav CREATED a full address of a Storage Facility in Las Vegas and put it in Sprint Nav Contacts!

    Have you visited the Queen Mary?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Thrill_Me007 View Post
    ... I restarted the phone plenty of times trying to fix this.
    So then the power-down and reboot is not fixing the problem? Can you find someone else around with a Sprint phone and GPS to see what their phone says? (What better excuse is there to pick up girls? :-)

    Other ideas/things to check:

    1. Is your phone in EvDO or 1xRTT? Roaming, or Sprint?
    2. Try switching roaming modes.
    3. Try updating your PRL (under Phone Preferenes, I think)
    4. Maybe repeasat idea 2 after PRL update if needed

    Running Sprint Navigation and go cruising and see if that fixes it.

    If all else fails. Shutdown your phone, go to Long Beach, and reboot it. ;-)
    I'm both super! ... and a doer!
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    Ill try all that in a bit. Interesting now when I launch google maps I just get a blank white screen. Am I having a pre meltdown?
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    I think the identical location Google maps is giving us is indicative of a gps/satellite problem, not a Pre problem. I say it's the Space Shuttle.
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    Make sure your location services is turned on along with your gps, mine was off until I realized it was off. Once I turn it on it located me and everything was good after that.
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    Mine is putting me in the middle of a field on the opposite side of the river from my house.. It's a good 5 miles off. If I move around, it tends to fix it. But it does this evertime. I hope there's a fix for this or something.

    Also.. my sprint nav sometimes says the satellite can't find me, though I'm in a well polulated area with full service. Oh well..
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    Human Space Flight (HSF) - Orbital Tracking

    Coincidence? I think not.
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    It seems like a few of you, are having similar ( but yes, different problems )

    As for the cross country locationing: I would recommend following the previous posters' comments regarding "Changing your location preferences". Seeing as I commute between kerrville and San Antonio lately; "where" and "google maps" and "google search" will sometimes auto-default to my previous.

    As for the remaining comments about 5miles & 20feet: Your GPS device is being tracked by any number of satellites off of a degree asimuth from where you stand. As noted in your manual "Have a clear view of open sky when beginning your GPS tracking." If your travelling down the interstate with the amount of sky overhead you can track upwards of 12 satellites (spelling ). whilst if you were in a downtown metro area, you might only track a few.

    Also something to consider is the GPS we use is not a pinpoint military grade location service. 6-10feet should be considered pretty average. But with the points mentioned above, your location can vary greatly.

    Hope this helps a little
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    Well I just opened Google Maps again and it still placed me in Long Beach, for a few seconds that is. Then the screen changed and I am now safely at home, where I belong. Sprint Nav is working again as well.
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    Same here.. Everything is back to normal. How strange was that?
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