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    Quote Originally Posted by supercluver View Post
    You are right, I put the "display: none;" under the #adspace a section..... instead of #adspace. Thanks, this is much better.... that slide out ad was SO annoying....
    Just another reason to do it in one line.
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    I have nothing technical to contribute, but I have to say: the Accuweather ads are hardly what I consider intrusive; especially considering how it scrolls away.

    Now the ads on the iTunes Weather Channel app...that's obnoxious!
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    Hm, so with 1.3.5 having moved the applications onto the media partition, at the very least, the location for css file has changed...

    It looks like the stylesheet we'd need to modify is now here:

    ...however, it's now no longer just plain-text css, so the previously offered solution won't work, I'm guessing...

    Anyone taken a look at updating the solution lately?
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    You could just spend the $1.89 for the full version, you know...
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    Quote Originally Posted by jhoff80 View Post
    You could just spend the $1.89 for the full version, you know...
    Ooh! I actually hadn't thought of that. I don't use it that often, and I've been paying hardly any attention to the App Catalog...literally, I'd forgotten there was a paid version, and I hadn't gone in "scanning for anything interesting" in forever.

    Jus' me bein' a bonehead on that front. It's not like $2 is that big a deal.
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