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    Hey all
    I have never used Pandora until seeing it on the Pre. Now I use it alot over bluetooth in my car. My question is that I see on the pandora site there is a subscription option for 36 bucks a month. Does this give you anything at all when using it on the Pre?

    Example -- I know there is a high quality option in the pandora settings. I have never really noticed a difference when using it. If you subscribe, does that actually start working?

    Any help would be awesome. Thanks!

    I do know that with the .99 cent subscription you can get more hours.. I am honestly just curious about getting better quality -- I should have added that
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    check out the faq....

    blog dot pandora dot com slash faq slash #64
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    I can't remember if I was getting advertising on the Pre app before I subscribed.

    Once I was literally using Pandora all day every day (work pc and now the Pre) I decided it was time to show some support.
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    it's $36 a year actually and I paid. It's well worth it I think. Can't really tell any difference from the free version on the Pre though.
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    This is a service I pay for. I just think its worth it.
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    I just got an email back from them, I am attaching it below. I found the FAQ on the site thanks to the response here, but just for prosperity I thought I should inline the email --

    Pandora One subscribers get 6 skips per hour per station and unlimited
    daily skips across all stations, as well as a number of other features
    such as the new desktop player, web skins, and unlimited monthly
    listening hours. these might be reasons enough for you to pay ten cents
    a day. ($36 a year)

    However the higher bitrate audio is only available for the Web. Portable
    devices get the same bitrate for all users, subscribers or not. The
    limiting factor is a combination of the network and the device
    capabilities. In higher quality mode the Pre plays 64k AAC+, one of the
    best sounding moderate bitrate codecs there is. In our blind listening
    tests 64k AAC+ as we have it tuned was indistinguishable from MP3 at
    twice that rate.

    The Sprint 3G network might be able to deliver 192k some of the time,
    but it wouldn't be reliable enough for continued listening use.

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