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    I believe this is the one to submit pictures through your email on Tweed.
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    Thanks for the heads up...installing now.
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    Does anyone recommend a picture service to use? twitpic, yfrog, etc?
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    Well I put my email in other services and now I can not change to twitpic. Anyone see how to change the service?
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    Go to Preferences & Accounts select which account you want to modify and then scroll down to Edit Photo Settings
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    Never mind the options embeded in account info.
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    Spaz has been doing photo uploads for about a week now. I used it over the 4th of July!
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    Anybody's app freeze when clicking the 'timelines' button?
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    Quote Originally Posted by kcpowercat View Post
    Anybody's app freeze when clicking the 'timelines' button?
    Yeah, they said they are aware of it. You can uninstall and then install again and it fixes it.

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