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    Does anyone know how to use yahoo messenger inside classic for palm pre..or is classic a total waste of time and money since it doesn't do S@!#T
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    Classic is only good if you NEED it to run old legacy apps. Yahoo is not really a palm legacy app. Sure would have been nice if they included that with PRE, but alas they did not.

    You dont need Classic to use Yahoo messenger, just go to on the web, on the pre and its really pretty easy.

    I LOVE Classic, because it lets me keep my EZ Remote Access and a few other old Palm Apps

    Good Luck
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    you can use yahoo messwnger through yahoo mobile.. go to it'sd pretty easy to use, and it even has facebook & myspace on it.
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    MunduIM also seems to work well inside Classic. I had it before-Pre and transfered it over to the Pre.

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