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    Hey all, for those who did not know, a new app was added to the catelog today. PocketMirror for Microsoft Outlook. This program allows you to sync your Outlook with the Pre just like a windows mobile device.
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    This is an update to a great program. I use it to keep my calendar and contacts synced with my Outlook without using the cloud.

    They said Syncing Notes and Task coming soon!
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    Hate to break it to ya but that's been up for a while. I think it was just updated today, that's why it's at the top
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    Yeah, it's been around for a while now. Great program! Saved me when I bought the Pre and needed to transfer my contacts over form my old phone. Thumbs up!!
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    is there usb support yet? i can not get my phone on my work wifi network, so i can keep my contacts and appts synced at home, but my appointments are constantly changing during work hours. usb support would be great!

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