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    Just a heads up. I've been using PocketMirror successfully since it was released, that was prior to tonight's update. After I applied the update to my Pre and installing the updated SyncManager PC component, it no longer works. I only get the following message:

    Connection to desktop lost. Please check your Wi-Fi connection

    I made no changes to my network and synced no less than four times today prior to installing the update.

    The SyncManager on the PC now has a Port option for Random or to specify one. I couldn't get either option to work, even after rebooting both the Pre and my PC, so I e-mailed their support, who historically I've had good luck with.
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    Still works for me after updating the App on the Pre. I did not update the program on the PC, though.
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    I got a calendar sync error after the Pre update, but that was corrected after updating the desktop too.
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    Just heard back from Chapura and they confirmed that there is a bug and it's shouldn't be too long to fix. Not sure all the specifics so everyone may not experience it.

    If you do have the problem, the workaround is to sync the Contacts and Calendar one at a time:
    Enable Contact sync, disable Calendar sync
    Sync, acknowledge error
    Disable Contact sync, enable Calendar sync
    Sync acknowledge error

    A pain yes, but it is beta and still a workable solution since I only really need to sync few times a day.
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    I have the same problem. Contacts go through fine. Calendar is a no go. Even when i disable each one and do them individually as mentioned above. Hopefully the fix comes soon.
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    Think I will wait a good long while to update since everything is still working at the moment on the older build.
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    No errors here. Updated Pre app.
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    The latest PocketMirror update 0.9.15 fixed the issue for me (just as Chapura promised).

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