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    I'm not sure if this has been requested and yes, I did search around and only saw something by way of the SDK. I'm looking for an application that I can load on my computer desktop, connect my Pre and see it on my desktop simmilar to SOTI's Pocket Controller or the Redfly's desktop companion (nor Redfly's portable mobile companion). With WM, I ran my TouchPro like a Widget on my desktop so I could see and control my Touchpro from my computer instead of having to pick up my device. Additionally, as a business person whose outlook calendar is very important to him, I used to put all of my personal appointments in my work Outlook as well. However, now with Synergy, I do like the capability of being able to put personal appointments in my other calendars (Google, FB, and hopefully WindowsLive one day) and synchronize to one calendar on my device; but it's very easy to schedule a conflict with something personal because I'm only working from the one calendar on my computer desktop...Outlook.

    Additionally, there are all of the obvious other benefits of being able to view and control my mobile phone from my desktop.

    Anyone have any sugestions for something already out there or any word on when something like this is coming?

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    Man, I've spent a lot of money and time on these things!!
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    what about pda reach ?? does it work in classic?

    PdaReach -- Control your PDA from your PC
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    I have 5 months left on my contract and then I will likely be switching phones AND carriers (I won't get into Sprint's still horrible customer service here). This is the one app that has kept me from deciding on my next phone already. I use PDA Reach daily. Without it I start getting serious carpal tunnel. So really the first phone OS that someone comes out with a VNC server for the phone that doesn't involve way too many steps, or if PDA Reach is updated or some new app comes out, that will be the platform I choose. Somebody out there must have a Pre with classic apps and PDA Reach. Let us know!

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