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    I was listening to the precast and they suggested using a hosted MS Exchange account to keep tasks and notes (in addition to calendar and contacts) in sync. Is anyone using a hosted solution that is working well with their Pre, and allows them to synch all of the above?

    I looked at One & One, but it seemed a little expensive. Any suggestions?

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    I use Sherweb.. #1 Microsoft Hosted Exchange & Sharepoint Web Hosting | SherWeb

    Have been using them for about 2 years now and works flawless with my Pre and iPhone. It's $8.95/mo. They will also provide a free copy of Outlook if you need it with the Exchange CAL.
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    any other suggestions
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    I've been using for almost 4 years now. Very happy with them.

    Sync as a Serviceā„¢, Smartphone Mobile Solutions for Mobile Professionals | 4SmartPhone

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    Are any of these services CONFIRMED to be working with Pre? Sherweb, Mail2web or 4smartphone? If so, any special things to do to get it to work?
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    Quote Originally Posted by treoneo View Post
    Are any of these services CONFIRMED to be working with Pre? Sherweb, Mail2web or 4smartphone? If so, any special things to do to get it to work?
    I use sherweb and yes it does work with my pre, howeber does mot do as well as a blackberry. Heres why:
    1. Does not sync notes
    2. Cannot search through emails.

    Other then that its awesome and saves me money on my old blckberry ent plan also saves me on the extra bb activation and sync charge from sherweb.
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    Another happy Sherweb user here.

    I'm also a reseller for Sherweb.

    I have several domains hosted with them and each domain has at least a couple of Pre's. I'm having a severe issue that they as of yet, they just can not figure out.

    One of my domains will sync, but I get http 413 errors on file attachments on the pre.

    All of my other domains work just fine.

    It appears to be localized to a specific cluster, as all of my working domains are on other servers.

    IMO, Sherweb is great, Rackspace is another fantastic option.
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    I use "TheMessageCenter" and it works just fine.

    I think it's 9.95, I use my custom domain name and they give me 3Gb of storage per account.

    Supports EAS, Blackberry and some other goodies. Also works quite well with my outlook plus has webmail capability on the road. Some solutions are probably cheaper the company I use.

    Oh, works with Pre just fine.
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    To answer your question...

    I have been using Exchange since the mid 90's. I have had Exchange running on every device I've had that supported it dating back to early Treos and early Windows Mobile.

    In using the Pre, I've got it all working just fine. I was a Mailstreet customer for a number of years and switched to Appriver at the beginning of 2009. What you get for the price is most bang for the buck with Appriver... from a company with 7x24 support that is in the U.S. (i.e. not calling India). My mailbox is over 1 GB in size and my Pre has no issues.

    If you are worried about cost, think about this... if you lost any of your info, is it worth $12 or $24 a year to keep all centralized. That's the difference between the different providers. As far as the cost of approx $100-150 a year for the service, it's a different can of worms than any of the free services. If you have a business, you will save more than that in your efficiency. Keep in mind, no business ever got successful saving money. They got successful on investing in their businesses.

    Nuf sed.

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