There appear to be at least one or two thread here and I think I saw a thread linked to on treo central forum on the same topic. Could we get this info condensed into comprehensive lists and made into stickies? I am sure I'm not the only one who doesn't want to wade through duplicate info, side notes, comments, etc to arrive at hap hazard formed in our head idea of what does or doesn't work. I so far have loaded up the apps I consider must work for me in classic and so far all but two of them appear to work just fine. Though considering I more or less have unlimited space I can explore the idea of loading up tons of apps in it but I'd rather have a heads up on what works and doesn't work in an ease of reference list so as to not waste time loading things that don't work. But at the same time be able to share what I find works or doesn't work in the event after all of that there are things I have used or would like to try on classic that happen to not already be one one of the lists.