I had planned on getting the Pre very early, as I wanted to develop for it. I have always been a Palm OS guy, from the early days to Treos 600 -> 755p. What surprised me is my wife deciding to get one. She has always been a WinMo smart phone user. Now, she is very pleased with it. More games would be good, but they will come.

Now to my favorite capability of the system so far. We have two calendars setup in Google calendar for each of us. One work and personal. Outlook syncs one way from work to Google (so we don't bring our personal life back into the office ). We can each see both types of each other's calendar and add appointments for one another. That is just too convenient for words.

When Google exposes the Tasks API, we will have a perfect setup with ToDos we can assign ourselves and each other. (The Pre Honey Do list.)

Two happy Pre users with original hardware.