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    Given the issues most Classic users experienced two weeks ago that were caused by incomplete 1.0.3 update Palm released, we decided to extend trial for all the users that have, or used to have Classic on their devices.

    This means that all users who ever had Classic on their phones, or the users that are still evaluating Classic, can try the latest version free of charge for 7 more days starting from today. Of course, this will not affect users that have purchased Classic - they can continue using Classic without any limitations.

    This will provide all of you with an opportunity to have a smooth trial of the new 1.1 Classic version, and the opportunity to meet new Classic that comes with significant improvements.

    To try Classic on your phone simply download it from the App Catalog on your Pre - just make sure that you have upgraded your Pre to webOS 1.0.4 since it is the only version of webOS that contains full features required by Classic.

    More details on Classic latest release features are available within Tech Spec page.

    So, if you have tried Classic before and decided to pass it, now you can try the latest version again, completely free. Hurry up as this offer is limited and will expire on 07/14.

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    Great move, thanks.
    Classic will give those who have invested heavily in legacy PalmOS apps a chance to continue to use these in their Pre.
    I hope that most of the apps will now run smoothly with the latest version.

    There's a niggling issue with Kinoma here:
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    I bought Classic awhile ago and have been using the 1.1 build. I attempted to use the ability for sound and alerta witj the POS Calendar but I am still getting no sound when the alarmd pop up. Is this a known issue?
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    Hey, I have a erally dumb question for you about classic:

    Is the application written COMPLETELY in javascript? How do you handle the emulation?

    I realize you might need to be vague, but it might help allay some fears I have about WebOS.
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    Is streaming in Kinoma or Pocket tunes working? Is Audible air option (download OTA) working? If not it doesnt matter to me.
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    A very nice gesture by a very good company. I have been using classic since launch and I have many applications running pefectly. Some of them took a little tinkering to get the files in the right directories but by in large Classic is more stable than my 700p was. Here is the current list of apps I have working

    -Atari Retro
    -Audible Player
    -BackupBuddy VFS
    -Black Jack Deluxe
    -Pocket Chess
    -Diet Diary
    -Documents ToGo 10.0
    -Resco Explorer
    -File Z
    -GTS Racing
    -PDA Cookbook
    -Pocket Tunes
    -SmartList ToGo
    -USDAFoods Database
    -Wine Guide
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    Please forgive me but many of the old Palm OS apps are not needed or not worth paying $30 bucks knowing that new WebOS apps are on their way which may be better option to go with. Again if today I had full working option of Pocket tunes, Kinoma (with streaming) and Audible (with OTA downloads) I would certanly pay $30 or even $40. Why is it so hard to make an app work like it is on my Treo 755p? Is that asking too much? But since that is not the case I wont be using 7 day or even 30 day trial. Once my requests are met I will buy 2 copies just to support motionapps.

    -Audible Player (good program but would be nice if OTA download works, hassle to connect to computer just to add books)

    -Documents ToGo 10.0 (if there is no email access then I dont know why this app matters, please someone correct me)

    -eReader (nice app if you bought too many books, this is one app I would consider paying for personally but price of Classic is too high to justify)

    -Pocket Tunes (streaming doesnt work so why we need this app? If adding a mp3 and play it locally is the solution then why not built in Music app?)
    Technological superiority has never won a product battle. If that were the case we would all be flying in supersonic Concordes and using Apple computers.

    The key to winning the battle is a combination of price, convenience, marketing, sound business model and a bit of luck.
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    Good move motionapps! it shows great commitment on your part!
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    Thanks, I'll give it another try. I put some of my favorite games on and got them to run. They are harder to play with fat fingers versus the old stylus. I'm kinda on the fence on whether I will keep Classic or not, cause I do like the non game apps I have in Classic.

    My question is...I can not see my add on apps in the USB mode. If I delete Classic, will those apps be deleted too or will they just take up space somewhere in my phone?
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    Here we go guys:

    - nitrogen76: there are few pretty “geeky” posts on our blog answering questions like this. Here’s a quote from the interview our CTO gave to PreCentral that mentions this: “We dealt with some very low-level APIs and data structures of PalmOS and webOS. For example, we had to reengineer certain parts of PalmOS and often we felt like we were creating a new OS which is something that you rarely have a chance to do.”
    - Bob-C: contact our support team so that you can work this out together
    - Rc46: great report! Really appreciate it. Would you share your experiences with the rest of Classic community at Classic Well - MotionApps
    - Ehsan: Classic is work in progress, and your favorites are likely to work – if not flawlessly with this version, then probably with some of the next ones. Emulation is a specific surrounding, takes a lot of effort to program it. You do not have to buy it, but it deserves some respect
    - 02589: hey, we tried some styluses with Classic and can report that we picked Ten One Design T1-AF25-100 Pogo Stylus, Stylus Pen CLIP and Universal Touch Screen Stylus Pen CLIP and are happy to report that they all worked with Classic. Hope that helps. As for your other question – just contact our support so that they can explain how apps loading works in more details

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