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    YouTube - Podcatcher Prototype "watch?v=rB9q8o_x6_w"

    This is my first post and first try at a homebrew app using the leaked Mojo SDK. Check out the video and post your feedback (I can't post videos yet, but search for user "akahaas").

    This prototype "works" like this:

    - reads a hardcoded list of podcasts
    - pulls the latest feed
    - opens the podcast in the streaming music player

    Some things I plan to do later this week

    - use Mojo data storage APIs to save feed URLs
    - hook the refresh button so that it downloads the latest episode of each podcast for offline listening (instead of streaming...I kinda have downloading working via the palm://com.palm.downloadmanager service)
    - host my source code somewhere
    - post the IPK file

    Being my first homebrew app and also my first podcatcher app, any feedback and/or pointers would be appreciated. Thanks!

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    Awesome. Needs to save a copy for it to be useful though.
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    So how's the progress coming? I would really love to see an app that's like Vigo.
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    Only bad news.

    I haven't had much time to spend on it. I've been trying to get the download service to work in the emulator (sdk47) and on my device (1.0.4) but no luck.

    I could just spend my free time getting data storage working to at least stream podcasts. Kinda bummed.


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