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    Quote Originally Posted by Xyg View Post
    Again, there are two homebrew install methods that are not subject to the upper application limit, that don't interfere with how many apps you can install from the Catalog.

    Furthermore, at this junction, the need to delete apps to make room for more don't effect the overall usability of the device. Yes, it's slightly inconvenient to uninstall Bubbles so you can install Chess, but is it really that big of an issue?
    And again, that does not address the issue that many homebrew apps leave behind files even after they are erased that DO prevent Catalog Apps from being downloaded. As I have said, even after erasing all homebrew apps, if I erase a Catalog App, I cannot reinstall the very same app again due to leftovers from the homebrew not erasing completely from the /var partition. So, the amount of catalog apps I can load even after erasing homebrew, becomes less and less as time goes on. Erasing homebrew does not solve the problem and it it far more than a mere inconvenience; it is a flaw that needs to be addressed as soon as possible or the development community will pay the price.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DJeremyC View Post

    Best way is to delete all homebrrew stuff first, then install all official app catalog apps, then reinstall homebrew apps through preware. this should allow you to get most the apps you want for now until Palm changes this limit.

    That does not always help, see above.
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    Since this is such a prevelant issue that seems to come up in many threads (now merged) I think this thread should be stickied.
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    I Had this same issue and called Sprint! of course the "tech support guy" didn't know but he called the Palm support and they said...

    "as far as apps go there has only been 300MB of space 'given' to them so even though you have 8GB of storage space MOST all of it has been allotted to Music and pic etc basically media."

    That is the Answer I got!!!
    I have 6.2GB of space left and only about 50 apps loaded and I get that message a lot and I have only had my Pre for about a week and a half :-(
    Seems like it could be fixed with some adjustments to the codes in the WebOS programing but I have NO idea!

    Just passing along the "answer" I got!
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    Ok... so I I'm trying to understand what's going on here. So I had 70 apps loaded on my Pre. I had 6.5GB out of 8GB available. I also had some music and photos on it, but I assume those are included when computing the 6.5GB of free space. I also had FileCoaster installed. The apps I had installed were both homebrew and from Palm's catalog. When I tried to download additional apps from either homebrew or the official app catalog, I would get an error message saying that I didn't not have enough free space. 6.5GB is not enough? How can that be??

    Is my phone rooted? I don't know. I'm not sure what that means. By installing FileCoaster, does that mean I rooted my phone?

    I see a lot of posts about rooting and a /var/opt/ folder, but I don't know what all that is. I WAS able to finally get more apps installed, but only by deleting a couple of apps.

    So is there a simple answer to how I can get more apps installed beyond 70 considering that I have 6.5GB of space available?

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    Read through this thread and you'll learn all you need to know.
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    When I try to download an app from the app catalog I get a message stating I do not have enough memory when I still have 6.8mb left! Can someone help me rectify/correct this problem??THANX
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    It helps to check the forums because i have the same issue, the thing is there is a limitation to the amount of applications we can store as of now for the gig space is for personal use while the application storage is rather small as in 256 mb or so i believe. So if you really want apps try using preware or filecoaster, other wise wait till 1.2 to be released and hope it fixes the limitation problem
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    Ok, I am baffled and there may be another forum posting for this, but I couldn't find it. My Pre is saying on my DEVICE INFORMATION screen that I have:


    Yet, when I try to download new applications, a pop-up window pops up and says:


    What's the deal???
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    Welcome to the forums!

    Here is a thread that answers your question.

    Try to search before posting, as many questions you may have about your device have already been answered.
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    Thank you for your help.
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    Just updated to 1.2. A pretty long wait for not to much excitement, but that's another issue.

    I opened up the app catalog and noticed Pandora was reporting it had an update available. Oddly, it didn't show up in the update application. I went in and tried to install the update through the app catalog. It froze my phone for a few minutes (I mean completely) and then threw an error saying there was not enough memory to install the application, asking me to delete other applications to make room.

    I tried the usual troubleshooting steps: rebooting, making sure I actually do have available memory etc. Weird thing is that I'm not installing anything new, I'm just installing an update.

    Anyone else run into this?
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    havin the same problem. Looks like the app partition is still up.
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    This sucks i sure hope they fix this, i mean damn i don't want to delete 3 apps every time i want to download 1. They should just split the partition in half, half goes to the usb drive and half to the applications. Or simply not have partitions at all . But this is a serious problem that needs to be fixed soon. This phone cant be competitive if your limited to the number of apps you can have. I know there will be some that say if you don't like it get a new phone, don't get me wrong the phone is great but this is a huge flaw that needs to be fixed.
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    ya..this is a pretty dumb thing if you want to have a working app catalog....not getting down on palm or anything, but now that the catalog is getting more apps than the limit, even without homebrew, this really needs to be made sense when they only had enough apps to stay below the limit...
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    i'm not entirely sure this has anythingto do with the app limit. I've deleted all sorts of apps and I still can't install anything from the app catalog. Pretty weak.
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    OK so I have about 88 songs and about 15 downloaded apps on my phone. I went to go download another app and it said I didnt have enough memory left. I thought this was kind of weird that I could only fit about 100 songs and 15 or so apps on my phone so I checked my phone to see how much memory I actually had. It said that I had 6.3GB free of my 8GB. Is there something I am missing here? Has someone else had any problems with the memory showing how much is free incorrectly? I got my phone the day it came out. I tried deleting a bunch of apps and the 6.3GB never changed. Any help is appreciated.
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    1.2 Didn't fix the problem. I guess they don't want us to spend any money on apps.
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    Where in the OS is that limit set? Could there possibly be a way to alter or eliminate the limit entirely, withouth having to wait for Palm to do it? Sure, there's Preware, WQI, etc, but it would be nice to be able to use the App Catalog without having to worry about it at all.
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    It's actually limited by the size of the logical volume that apps are installed to (256mb). So in order to fix it you need to root and mess around with the partitions or possibly use symlinks.

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