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    Greetings all. Does anyone know of a resource that would help track what the differences are between updates of WebOS applications? For example, I recently upgraded the Times application, but couldn't find anything about what the upgrade provides. (This includes the links -- developer, home, etc. -- from the app catalog, threads here, the dev wiki, etc.)

    I've found that there are many times when I do *NOT* want to upgrade an application if it adds something I don't like (or, in some cases, even takes things away). This, by the way, is how I know that the Pre Media Sync works with iTunes 7.something.

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    Not that I know of, though hopefully this will come as the App Catalog develops.

    Another questions is how one knows that an application needs to be updated if one does not manually search through the catalog for it. Right now, it seems that one has to search for the application in question to see if any updates have been posted.
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    Updates app also checks for app updates.

    And for changes it's best to check the developer's site, but not all of them seem to post changes. Recently I contacted Pandora Radio over Twitter about recent update and they told me to email to ask what the changes were. Otherwise there's no notable way to check for changes.
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    Thanks on the updates thing.
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