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    Greetings all. This may only be of use to people who have this problem in the future, but I thought I'd document it in hopes that people find it if they need it.

    I got the Pre on opening day with a Sprint number. Once I decided that the network coverage was good enough, I ported my old number over. That process was remarkably painless.

    However, in the "Sprint Navigation" application (provided by Telenav), my old number was still in a database somewhere. So while the app worked, I couldn't (for example) use the "call it in" speech-to-text thing, which is really handy while driving.

    I spent some time with Sprint's phone support people at *2, who ended up asking me to hard-reset my phone and start from scratch. When I said that I didn't want to do that, since I'd lose a lot of other data that currently isn't backed up in the Palm Profile, they (finally!) offered that I could talk to Telenav tech support.

    The number they gave me was 888-353-6284. The people there were able to look up my account (from the old phone number) and change it to the new number straightaway. Voila! Everything works again.

    So, if you port a number to your Pre, be prepared to have to call TeleNav on your own to get everything back in order.

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    Must be an isolated incident, When I ported my number mine automatically updated...
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    Mine also automatically followed my ported number to Sprint. I think that's the way it's supposed to work.

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