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    Currently peeved by a few usability issues with web forms on the Pre browser:

    1. No auto fill
    2. No tabbing between fields
    3. No way to select multiple items in a multilist if you also need to scroll. Wonder why it's not a native list like a select list.
    4. Textarea zoomed out so far to fit the screen that text is illegible. This is especially severe since it's not possible to use it in landscape mode.

    One of the most important things to get right in a mobile device is proper behavior of forms. The old Palm OS simply used native widgets as arguably every OS should.

    Any other issues or workarounds?
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    My biggest petpeave so far is that the browser doesn't automatically scroll when you're filling out a field that is wider than the screen (like this post I'm writing right now). It's kind of a pain to have to stop typing in order to drag the window from side to side every time the text runs over the edge. The only alternative is to zoom all the way out, which makes the text too small to read in most cases.

    I hope an auto scroll feature will be added soon. Embedded spell check would be nice as well, assuming it wouldn't be a memory hog. And of course, we should be able to copy text from Web pages. It's pretty silly that we can't.

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